I am an ambicious certified investor and master of biotechnology. I have been perfecting in science and finance throughout my studies.

Academic background, communication and analytical skills gave me good overlook across the market, especialy in understanding innovation from pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

On eToro
On eToro

My investing strategy is based on value investing with a geopolitical overlook. I am looking for oversold undervalued companies with strong fundamentals.

My goal is to keep portfolio well diversified among different assets, companies and sectors. With background in biotech I have an understanding in biotech and pharrnaceutical sector. Major part of my portfolio represent strong US cornpanies among which many payout dividends. Minor part of my portfolio represent ETFs and one bond ETF.

Since I joined eToro I am outperforming the market. Since 2020 I delivered a total return of 169.36% and so far I am sucessfully beating major indices. My personal goal is to achieve financial independence and eventually help rising startups with her investments.

What my copiers say?

Nezatron, my expectations about your portfolio continues to surprise positively, great work, congratulations, a hug from Portugal, I continue to encourage other investors in my club to invest in this project because I believe that we will ali prevail together. Congrats!

eToro username: JOEL5786

I am impressed by the selection of stocks you have and you seem to have done good research at a young age inclined with your passion in trading.

eToro usemame: damneeUolly

I am realy happy with my choice on you to manage my capital, since day one on eToro I have been following your moves and I think the right risk balance to make me feel comfortable. I am just starting but I am fo sure increase my investment and I hope to see great results next to you.

eToro username: danielrpo